Tenderheaded, 2017

Performed at The University of The Arts


Tenderheaded. Elements overlapping. Straight line. Bleeding line. Ripped edge. Combing through intention. Me and them. Me amongst them. Them amongst themselves. A rising resilience. Memories of bias. Memories misconstrued overtime. I could have stayed longer. Did I overstay my welcome? The persona changing with time. F-U-L-L and all a blur. Ephemeral material. Developments that I am unaware of. Sequined flip-flops. Tortuous and torturous revealing. Drawing translated. I do not know this dance. We were in the pool. Fuck. Fuck. The moment was tender. Last tender. Give me more. Can I give you what you don't want? Dealing with liveness. Not enough to call it burnt. Content käntent, content ken' tent. Recalling and mustering. Black beans in the bathroom sink. Our dishwasher was flooding. A connected web of suffering and pleasure. Buffering. Squeezing fingernails, it's alright. Working to make something else.  Unfilfilled. An invented being. How can the past begin?